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Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes are available for matters in and out of court. See below to learn more about ADR options by common issues that can be addressed in ADR processes. You may also: 

 Common Issues Addressed

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Mediation can be useful in family matters involving divorce, parenting, foster care and youth.     

For Divorce, many families also use Collaborative Family Law



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Small Claims

New York City Civil Court offers arbitration and mediation for small claims cases citywide. Outside New York City, check your local courts. You may also contact a Community Dispute Resolution Center about free mediation before you file a case in court.   



Lease Agreement with housekeys


Many Community Dispute Resolution Centers provide ADR services in these matters.    




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When Someone Dies

Many Surrogate’s courts inside and outside New York City can refer you to mediation.    
Many Community Dispute Resolution Centers also provide mediation in these matters.



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Personal Injury

Check your local courts about ADR options in New York City and outside New York City.





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Attorney-Client Fee Disputes

The Attorney-Client Fee Dispute Resolution Program (FDRP) resolves attorney-client disputes over legal fees through arbitration (and in some cases mediation).



 Find ADR Services in Your Area

Whether or not you have a case in court, you may contact a Community Dispute Resolution Center in your area about free/low-cost ADR services that might be available. It is often useful to try to resolve matters before a court case has been filed.

If your case is in court, you may contact your local court about ADR for your case.    

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