Divorce Mediation

What is Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is an alternative to court litigation for resolving disputes that arise as two people separate their lives.  A neutral third party called a “mediator” helps the couple to work through the issues of their divorce and reach a mutually agreeable settlement.  Please note that mediation may not be safe or appropriate for individuals with a history or fear of domestic violence.

How Do I Find a Divorce Mediator?

1) Ask court staff for a referral to a court-based mediation program, if your case is already in court. Most court programs offer parties a free, initial mediation session, followed by reduced-fee follow-up sessions.

2) Check with your local Community Dispute Resolution Center (CDRC). Most CDRCs offer free mediation of parenting disputes. For help to resolve financial or other aspects of divorce (e.g., support, property and debt division), couples can ask for a referral list of trained, divorce mediators who can take cases on a fee-for-service basis.

3) Contact the New York State Unified Court System's Collaborative Family Law Center. The Center offers free divorce mediation to qualifying couples living in New York City. If you and your spouse are eligible, you may get up to four, 90-minute sessions with program mediators (or six sessions, if you have children). Both spouses must agree to participate. Note: Referrals to divorce mediation will not be made in cases involving domestic violence or child abuse or where one spouse cannot locate the other.

Send an email with your phone number to matrimonialmediation@nycourts.gov or call 212-428-5592 for more information.

4) Contact NYLAG's Mediation Project. The Project provides free mediation for low-income New Yorkers living in NYC and the surrounding suburbs. Note: Cases where domestic violence, drug/alcohol abuse and child neglect/abuse are present are not appropriate for mediation.

5) Check with professional dispute resolution associations.


How Can I Learn More About Divorce in New York?

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