Become a CDRC Volunteer


Are you interested in joining the more than 750 New Yorkers who volunteer their time and expertise as mediators in their local communities? This energetic and dedicated group of volunteers help resolve a wide array of conflicts, ranging from neighbor disputes to juvenile delinquency cases to family matters. Their continued commitment comes from seeing the impact of their work in transforming clients’ lives, their own personal and professional growth, and their relationships with CDRC staff and fellow volunteers.

Barbra Cockerham“Mediation has blessed me with another family. The CDRC is a tight knit group of staff and volunteers. It’s a community . . . I have met all kinds of people, from all kinds of backgrounds, with all kinds of stories, who work together to mediate."

--Barbra Cockerham volunteer with Mediation Center of Dutchess County



CDRC mediators come from all walks of life with a variety of life experiences and professional backgrounds. Collectively, these highly trained volunteers make up the most vibrant network of community mediators in the nation.

Dick Young “As a volunteer mediator, I have been able to give back to my community in a meaningful way. It has been an honor and a privilege to be a part of something meaningful and important that has helped so many people.”

-- Dick Young volunteer with Resolution Center



There are no minimum educational degree or professional experience needed to volunteer with a CDRC. To ensure the highest quality of services, CDRC volunteer mediators go through a rigorous certification process which includes training and practice alongside experienced mediators. To learn more about how to become a CDRC volunteer contact your local CDRC.