Filing Instructions

Papers Filed in Court

The party filing the first paper in an action, upon payment of the proper fee, shall obtain from the county clerk an index number, which shall be affixed to the paper.

The party causing the first paper to be filed shall communicate in writing the county clerk's index number to all other parties to the action. Thereafter such number shall appear on the cover and first page to the right of the caption of every paper tendered for filing in the action.

Each cover and first page shall contain an indication of the county of venue and a brief description of the nature of the paper and the name of the assigned judge to the right of the caption.

Every paper filed in court shall have annexed thereto appropriate proof of service on all parties where required.

If typewritten, the papers must be double spaced and shall have at least one inch margins. Every paper shall contain writing on one side only, except papers that are fastened on the side may contain writing on both sides.


Submission of Papers to Judge

All papers for signature or consideration of the court shall be presented to the Tompkins County Clerk.

The papers shall be clearly addressed to the judge for whom they are intended and prominently show the nature of the papers, the title and index number of the action in which they are filed, the judge's name and the name of the attorney or party submitting them.

An e-mail address should be supplied to the Tompkins County Clerk for the return of filed documents.