Family Treatment Court

Family Treatment Court Judge


Mindy Thomas, Resource Coordinator II

Tompkins County Court
320 North Tioga Street
Ithaca, NY 14850
Phone (607) 216-6602
Fax (212) 952-6461


Mission Statement

The purpose of Family Treatment Court is to support families affected by substance use disorder to achieve and sustain recovery, reunification, and child permanency. 



The Tompkins County Family Treatment Court (FTC) was started in 2001 under the supervision of the Honorable John C. Rowley and with the express commitment of Tompkins County Department of Social Services. Since its inception, the FTC’s target population has been all parents involved in child welfare with substance use identified as a contributing factor in the determination of abuse or neglect. 

The Tompkins County Family Treatment Court has been a National Peer Learning Court since 2018. Tompkins FTC highlights national best practice models for all treatment courts across the nation, while increasing knowledge and innovative practice through peer-to-peer learning and technical assistance.  Tompkins FTC collaborates with The Center for Children and Family Futures in alignment with the FTC Best Practice Standards – using sound, evidence-based practices, and policies to improve child welfare and substance use disorder treatment outcomes for families. 



Milestone 1: Engagement 
Milestone 2: Commitment to Recovery 
Milestone 3: Strengthening Myself and My Family 
Milestone 4: Children at Home (Children were never removed)
Milestone 4: Return Home & Return Home Plan 
Taking Care of Me Milestone 
Recommitment to Recovery Milestone & Relapse Review (to be completed after a lapse/relapse) 


Community Partners

Tompkins County Department of Social Services
Alcohol Drug Council of Tompkins County (ADC)
Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services (CARS)
Tompkins County Whole Health
Tompkins County Health Department
Cornell Cooperative Extension
Tompkins Community Action
Advocacy Center
Catholic Charities
Park Foundation
Liberty Resources
Franziska Racker Centers
Family and Children's Service of Ithaca
College Initiative Upstate, a Program of OAR
Learning Web