Support Petition

Forms must be complete with names and addresses of all parties - Petitioner(s) is (are) the person(s) filing the petition and the Respondent(s) is (are) the person(s) against whom the petition is filed.

All petitions should be filed with an Identification Card. If you are the party filing a petition, you are the Petitioner and should complete all information for yourself. You must also complete as much information as possible (minimum name and address) for the Respondent.

A Financial Disclosure Affidavit is also required to be filed with an original petition for support or a petition for modification of support.

Answer each question to the best of your ability. Incomplete petitions may be dismissed by the Court.

If you are filing a petition to modify or violate an order, you must attach a copy of that order.

Petitions must be signed in the presence of a Notary or Court employee. This may be done at the reception window with picture identification.

If assistance is needed in completing the form(s), you may make an appointment by calling 607-277-1517.