ADR Programs

The NYS Unified Court System is committed to promoting the appropriate use of mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). 

That commitment is reflected in the types of ADR programs described below that aim to help New Yorkers resolve conflicts in a peaceful and meaningful way.

Community Dispute Resolution Centers Program:  Community Dispute Resolution Center services are available through out New York State and offer an alternative to formal court proceedings.  Every year, this nationally recognized model program helps New Yorkers to resolve parenting and family, neighbor, housing, elder care, small claims, and other kinds of disputes. For more information about this program, click on our most recent Annual Report.

Court-Connected ADR Programs:  Mediation and other forms of ADR are available in many courts throughout New York State to help litigants resolve their disputes without a trial. 

Attorney-Client Fee Dispute Resolution Program: The statewide Fee Dispute Resolution Program (FDRP) was established to resolve attorney-client disputes over legal fees through arbitration (and in some cases mediation).