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About the Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee

The Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee (“MEAC”) was established in 2006 with three major objectives:

  1. Respond to inquiries from mediators in community dispute resolution center programs;
  2. Promote professional development and consistency of practice among dispute resolution practitioners; and
  3. Recommend changes to the Mediator Standards of Conduct for the New York State Community Dispute Resolution Center Mediators that govern mediators who provide dispute resolution services under the auspices of a Community Dispute Resolution Center ("CDRC").

The creation of the Committee stemmed from the promulgation of the 2005 Standards of Conduct for New York State CDRC Mediators by the Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution & Court Improvement Programs and the Standards' drafting Committee. These standards were developed to educate mediators regarding current standards of practice; to guide mediators in their practice; to promote public confidence in mediation as a dispute resolution process; and to inform mediating parties about the process.

The Committee is comprised of thirteen members from diverse ADR professions drawn from geographically diverse communities in New York State. The Committee is made up of four volunteer CDRC mediators; four individuals who are employees of a CDRC or other organization that provides dispute resolution services pursuant to an agreement between the organization and the Unified Court System; and four individuals who are either: a professor of dispute resolution at a university or graduate-level institution, a current or former member of an ethics advisory panel for an association or professional organization, a member in good standing of the New York State Dispute Resolution Association, or a member in good standing of an ADR committee of a New York-based statewide or local bar association.

Once the Committee receives an inquiry, a quarterly subcommittee is assigned to consider the inquiry and draft a response for the full Committee. The full Committee then reviews and votes on the response before it becomes an official opinion.


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How to Send an Inquiry to the Committee

Mediators can write to the Committee at either of the addresses listed below. The inquirer's information is kept confidential and no identifying information regarding the party or parties, the mediator(s), and/or the CDRC is included in the opinion.

By email:

By postal mail:
Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee
New York State Unified Court System
Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Court Improvement Programs
25 Beaver Street
NY, New York 10004

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