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NYC Civil Court in Manhattan to Launch Online Dispute Resolution Pilot Program for Small Claims Cases.

2021: Under Administrative Order 270/20, effective Feb. 1, 2021, “Counsel for all parties shall consult prior to a preliminary or compliance conference about...(iii) the use of alternate dispute resolution to resolve all or some issues in the litigation.”

2020: New guidelines developed for Mediation Apprenticeships for prospective mediators;   guidance on Continuing Education for mediators and neutral evaluators on trial court rosters.

2020:  Under Administrative Order 87/20, effective May 4, 2020, “Judges may refer matters for virtual alternative dispute resolution, including to neutrals on court-established panels, community dispute resolution centers, and ADR-dedicated court staff”

2019: Chief Judge Janet DiFiore announces the Presumptive ADR Program, a statewide initiative in which the majority of civil cases would be referred to ADR processes for the opportunity to resolve matters early and efficiently.

Rules 3, 8, and Rule 10 of the Commercial Division,