ADR Programs in New York City Civil Court

The Civil Court of the City of New York has jurisdiction over civil cases involving amounts up to $25,000 and other civil matters referred to it by the Supreme Court. It includes a small claims part for informal dispositions of matters not exceeding $5,000 and a housing part for landlord-tenant matters of unlimited amounts and housing code violations.

Housing Court – Resolution Part

A Resolution Part is a courtroom where the landlord and tenant can discuss their differences before a Judge or Court Attorney to see if an agreement can be reached to settle the dispute.

Small Claims Mediation

Each borough has a Small Claims mediation program. For more information, you may reach out to the program coordinator at

Small Claims Arbitration

Small Claims Arbitrators hear cases when the parties agree to arbitration. Arbitrators hear most small claims cases in New York City. In voluntary arbitration, the arbitrator's award is binding and final. Parties may not seek a trial if they are dissatisfied with the arbitrator's award. To learn more about arbitration in Small Claims court, contact the Deputy Chief Clerk for Small Claims Matters, Frank Troppea at (646) 386-5751 or send an email to