Members and Staff

Below is the current roster of Advisory Committee members and staff.

Requests for a formal written opinion should be directed to the Chief Counsel.



Faculty are former voting members who remain involved in various aspects of the Committee's work, including our educational programs.

Hon. George D. Marlow (ret.), Co-Chair Emeritus
Hon. Betty Weinberg Ellerin (ret.), Vice Chair Emerita
Hon. Daniel D. Angiolillo
Hon. Robert G. Bogle
Hon. Vito DeStefano
Hon. David Elliot (ret.)
Hon. Debra L. Givens
Hon. Barbara R. Kapnick
Hon. Robert M. Mandelbaum
Hon. E. Jeannette Ogden
Hon. David J. Roman (ret.)


Chief Counsel

Laura L. Smith, Esq., 866-795-8343 (toll-free) or 212-428-2504


Staff Counsel

Rosemary Garland-Scott, Esq., 866-795-8343 (toll-free) or 212-428-2526
Gina M. Patterson, Esq.
Hon. Lisa E. Rubenstein
Adina C. Gilbert, Esq. (ret.)