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The Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics responds to ethics inquiries from individuals subject to Part 100 of the Rules of the Chief Administrative Judge (22 NYCRR pt 100), such as New York State judges or quasi-judicial officials, regarding their own conduct.

The New York State Unified Court System offers the following resources to assist with other kinds of ethics-related inquiries.



Financial Disclosures:

Part 40 - If you are a judge, justice, or court employee with questions about filing financial disclosures pursuant to 22 NYCRR Part 40, please contact the UCS Ethics Commission.  
Telephone: 212-428-2899.

Part 100.5 - If you are a judicial candidate with questions about filing pursuant to 22 NYCRR 100.5(A)(4)(g), it may be helpful to start with the Financial Disclosure Requirement FAQs. For forms and instructions, please contact the UCS Ethics Commission
Telephone: 212-428-2899.

Part 100.4(H) - The Court of Appeals has approved the deletion of the 22 NYCRR 100.4(H)(2) reporting requirement.  See AO-347 for details of the change.


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For Court Employees:

Non-Judicial Ethics Helpline
There is a helpline available for all non-judicial employees to call if they have questions concerning ethical issues related to our workplace.
Telephone: 888-283-8442.

Non-Judicial Ethics Conflicts Check 
Unified Court System employees who plan to engage in outside activities should complete the Conflicts Check Form (internal site).

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For the Public:

Suggestions, Comments and Complaints
If you are a member of the public and have a suggestion, comment, or complaint, please visit for more information.

Questions About a Judge and/or About Your Case
If you are involved in a lawsuit, or if you have questions about whether a judge's conduct is proper, it may be helpful to consult an attorney.

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Judicial Elections:

If you are a candidate for elective judicial office, you may contact the Judicial Campaign Ethics Center for expedited advice and information on ethics matters relating to or arising out of your campaign conduct.

Telephone: 888-600-5232.

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