Judicial Ethics Quiz

How are your ethics instincts? Jot down your own answers, then check the answer key.

Last updated: December 2020

1. Yes/No: May a judicial candidate attend "virtual" fund-raising events during their window period?  (Need a hint?)

2. Yes/No: May a part-time lawyer judge handle criminal and traffic defense matters as an attorney in the same county, given that the prosecutors in those cases may also appear in his/her court? (Need a hint?)

3. Yes/No: May a judge or quasi-judicial official set up an email auto-response to provide general legal and ethical information to unrepresented litigants and others? (Need a hint?)

4. Yes/No: May a judge serve on a local police reform committee formed in response to the Governor's Executive Order 203? (Need a hint?)

5. Yes/No: May a judge continue to preside over a criminal matter after the defendant files a federal lawsuit against him/her, the arresting police officer, and others? May the judge preside over other matters in which the police officer appears? (Need a hint?)

6. Yes/No: May a judge serve on the board of a not-for-profit arts foundation that reviews grant applications and awards grants to promote performing arts? (Need a hint?)

7. Select One: May a town justice preside over a bench trial, where a town board member who votes on the judge's salary is a necessary witness whose credibility the judge must evaluate? Your choices are:
     (a) Yes, because the town board member is only a witness, and not a party.
     (b) Yes, provided the judge fully discloses the relationship.
     (c) No, the judge is always disqualified and remittal is not available.
     (d) No, the judge is disqualified, but the disqualification is subject to remittal. (Need a hint?)

8. Yes/No: May a judge serve as a character reference for a court intern who has applied for a pistol permit? (Need a hint?)

9. Yes/No: May a judge who presides over a re-adoption proceeding involving an attorney (who is otherwise an "acquaintance" per Opinion 11-125) thereafter preside in matters involving the attorney and/or his/her law firm? (Need a hint?)

10. Yes/No: May a judge teach a law school course based on a now-concluded homicide trial in his/her jurisdiction, after the time for appeals is exhausted and no related matters are pending or reasonably foreseeable? (Need a hint?)


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