The Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics provides ethics advice to judges, justices and quasi-judicial officials of the NYS Unified Court System about their own conduct.

Our sole mission is to help judges comply with the Rules Governing Judicial Conduct.


Hon. Margaret T. Walsh (ret.)
Hon. Lillian Wan

Chief Counsel:

Laura L. Smith, Esq.

Next Meeting

Inquiries received by December 1 will be heard on December 14, 2023.

(After that, inquiries received by January 19 will be heard on February 1, 2024.) 

Contact Information

Telephone: 1-866-795-8343 (toll free)

E-Mail: part100@nycourts.gov (see guidelines).

Mailing Address (see guidelines):
Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics
c/o Laura L. Smith, Esq., Chief Counsel
25 Beaver Street, 8th floor
New York, NY 10004


New or Notable

  • Opinion 23-69 says judicial candidates may publicly identify themselves as “pro choice” or “pro life” during their window period, provided they also make clear that they will decide all cases fairly and impartially and in accordance with governing law (Jun 2023).
  • Opinion 23-43 says a judicial candidate may appear in joint campaign advertisements only with candidates who make up the slate of which the judicial candidate is a part. It also provides guidance on the meaning of "slate" in this context (Mar 2023).
  • Other Highlights (Aug 2023)
  • Recently Released (ongoing)

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Inquiry Status

Call us at 866-795-8343 after the meeting to learn the disposition of your own inquiry. 

A formal written opinion will follow in due course.