Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

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Queens Supreme Court, Civil Term
88-11 Sutphin Blvd.
Jamaica, NY 11435

ADR Coordinator
Linda Dardis, Esq.
Email: [email protected]
(718) 298-1031

PAP/TSP Mediation Rules


Commercial Division ADR Program

The Commercial Division of the Supreme Court in Queens County promotes the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, and mediation in particular, to encourage the early resolution of commercial matters and avoid protracted litigation. Mediation is a confidential and informal process where the parties meet with a trained, neutral third party to identify issues and explore options that may result in a mutually acceptable resolution. The mediator does not make a determination, but instead assists the parties in creating their own resolution of the issues. Cases may be referred to mediation by the assigned commercial judge, the Administrative Judge, or by consent of the parties.

Rules of the Commercial ADR Program

Commercial Mediator Application

Commercial Mediator Roster

Matrimonial Mediation Program


The Queens County Supreme Court's Matrimonial Mediation Program links divorcing couples to trained mediators to help them reach agreements on parenting and economic matters.

The Court mediation program is designed ONLY for litigants who already have a case pending in Court before a Judge in a Contested Matrimonial Part in Queens County.  For parties who do not yet have a case in court, or who have an Uncontested Divorce, please contact Queens County Community Mediation Services, a division of MediateNYC, located at 89-64 163rd Street, Jamaica, NY 11432, phone : 718-523-6868, extensions x269 (Evelyn Amazan) or x269 (Sharon Osborne) for more information about their Divorce Mediation program.

Matrimonial Mediation Pilot Program

Matrimonial Mediation Stipulation

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