Motion Support

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Motion Support Office
88-11 Sutphin Blvd.
Jamaica, NY 11435
Room 140
718 298-1009

All motions filed in Queens Supreme Court-Civil Term, must adhere to the Motion Support rules and the rules of the assigned judge.


Inquiries Regarding & Calendered Motions

Individuals seeking information on motions which are currently calendared, and individuals seeking information related to adjourning a motion, must refer to the rules of the assigned judge and/or contact the part in which the motion is calendared. The Motion Support Office is NOT authorized to grant adjournments.

Telephone numbers of the various parts


Return Dates

Motions must be made returnable on the proper day/time based on the assigned judge.

Motion Submission Form

Motion Calendars

Motions must be in the possession of the Motion Support Office at least 9 days before the noticed return date of the motion.

Failure to make a motion returnable on the proper day/time may result in the motion being administratively rescheduled or marked off.

For RJI/Motions, due to the fact that the movant would not know who the assigned judge will be, the notice of motion may be returnable any day of the week. RJI/Motions shall be made returnable in “Queens Supreme Court” with no address designated. The motion will be administratively rescheduled to the proper day of the week based on the judge (once a judge has been assigned).  Within one week of filing, the movant must check online to see who the assigned judge is (and therefore the location/date/time) that their motion is now returnable. Movant must then notify their adversary of this information prior to the return date.


Working Copies

Working copies of e-filed notices of motion/notices of petition are NOT to be sent to the Motion Support Office. They must be brought to the calendar call in the judge’s part.


Responsive Papers

Motion Support does not process or forward responsive papers, including cross-motions. They must be brought to the calendar call in the judge’s part.


Fee Payments

The Motion Support Office does not receive, forward or process any fees or waiver of fees. All applications requiring payment of statutory fees or waiver of fees must be sent directly to the Queens County Clerk’s office.


Signed OSC's

Copies of signed OSC’s can be acquired via the NYSEF website or directly from the Queens County Clerk’s office. Signed copies are NOT available through the Motion Support Office.


Memorandum Decisions and Proposed Orders

Counsel are advised to adhere to NYCRR 202.48 regarding the submission or settlement of their proposed order or judgment. Persons who are submitting proposed orders/judgments pursuant to a previously issued memorandum decision must submit a copy of the memorandum decision with their proposed order/judgment. Upon e-filing a proposed order/judgement, a working copy of the proposed order/judgement must be provided to the Motion Support Office.


Conforming Orders & Judgements

Court personnel are not authorized to conform copies of orders or judgments. The accuracy of conformed copies rests with counsel. Certified copies may be obtained at the Queens County Clerk's office for a fee.


Trial Preference

All applications for trial preference must be made via motion through the Motion Support Office.


Document Size

Due to space limitations, the Motion Support Office cannot accept notices of motion/notices of petition and accompanying exhibits which measure greater than 8 inches.  If your documents measure greater than 8 inches you are directed to submit only the notice of motion/notice of petition to the Motion Support Office and bring all exhibits to the calendar call on your return date.