ROOM 140
718 298-1018


Emergency Orders

Effective immediately all parties filing “Emergency” Ex-Parte applications must do so in person in room 140 and must await further instruction while the application is reviewed and processed. The application must be accompanied by a separate “Emergency Affidavit” which does not pray for the underlying relief requested but rather addresses:

1) why the application must be entertained forthwith, and
2) why the application could not have been brought to the court’s attention earlier

Requests for Emergency processing will not be entertained unless submitted in person by the requesting attorney.

Filing parties are advised to consult Uniform Rules for the New York State Trial Courts 202.7(f) concerning notification.


Commercial Division filings

All Commercial Division Motions and proposed Orders to Show Cause shall have clearly delineated on the front page of the order to show cause or notice of motion “COMMERCIAL DIVISION” in bold faced type.


Note of Issue Filing Procedures

Notes of Issue should be paid for and filed in room 106 of the County Clerk’s office.

When filing a Note of Issue and an RJI together, 1 copy of RJI (with receipt stamp) must be deposited in the Ex-Parte basket with the Note of Issue.

When filing a Note of Issue on an action which is disposed, the filing party must attach a copy of an order restoring the action. If there is no restoral order, the Note of Issue cannot be processed.