Commercial Division

The Commercial Division serves as a vehicle for resolution of complicated commercial disputes. Successful resolution of these disputes requires particular expertise across the broad and complex expanse of commercial law. Because disclosure in commercial cases can be complicated, protracted and expensive, particularly in light of electronic discovery, the Division makes use of vigorous and efficient case management. The court sets deadlines and enforces them, managing discovery as needed to protect the rights of the parties to fair disclosure while minimizing expense and delay. Motion practice, especially in the form of motions to dismiss or for summary judgment, is particularly common in commercial cases. The caseload of the Division is thus particularly demanding, requiring of the court scholarship in commercial law, experience in the management of complex cases, and a wealth of energy

The Commercial Division is at the forefront of the Unified Court System’s Electronic Filing program - all Commercial Division matters are eligible for such filing by electronic means.

The Commercial Division also has made full use of an Alternative Dispute Resolution Program ("ADR") first established in New York County in early 1996. Justices may send matters to ADR at any time upon an order of referral. Detailed rules and protocols and rosters of seasoned ADR neutrals have been established in many jurisdictions around the State.

Queens County Commercial Division

Queens County Commercial Mediation Stipulation

Queens County Commercial ADR Program

Statewide Commercial Division Rules

Preliminary Conference Order Commercial Division

Compliance Conference Order

Amendment to Commercial Division Rule 30 (22 NYCRR 202.70(g))