Matrimonial Mediation Pilot Program

Thank you for your interest in the Queens Matrimonial Mediation Pilot Project. Before you apply, please review the prerequisites to joining the roster of mediators and review the Statement of Procedures: 

  • Training: Completion of at least 60 hours of family mediation training in a training program sponsored or recognized by the New York State Office of Court Administration ("OCA").
  • Experience: At least four years of family mediation experience, including 250 hours of face-to-face mediation with clients and a minimum of 25 custody and visitation cases, and any other mediation training or experience deemed appropriate by the Court. Cases involving financial disputes will be referred only to those Program mediators with knowledge of, training in and experience with the financial aspects of divorce.
  • Continuing Education: Pursuant to Part 146 of the Rules of the Chief Administrative Judge, all mediators must attend at least six hours of additional approved training relevant to their respective practice areas every two years. See

Continuing presence on the Court’s Roster of Mediators is subject to review by the District Administrative Judge. Mediators may be removed from the Roster at the discretion of the District Administrative Judge in consultation with the NYS Unified Court System’s Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Court Improvement Programs.

Please complete the Matrimonial Mediator Affirmation of Compliance to apply.

After mediation, please complete the Matrimonial Mediator Report.

For more information contact:
Queens Supreme Court, Civil Term
88-11 Sutphin Blvd., Room 511
Jamaica, NY 11435

Program Coordinator
Linda Dardis, Esq.
(718) 298-1031