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Suffolk County Bar Association

SCBA Lawyer Referral & Information Service
(631) 234-5577 or email for a no fee or low fee consultation with an attorney that specializes in your area of law. (10 AM-4 PM Monday-Friday)

Legal Aid

Legal Aid Society of Suffolk County, Inc.
John P. Cohalan, Jr. Courthouse
400 Carleton Ave, 4th Floor
Central Islip, NY 11722
District Court: (631) 853-5212, Fx: (631) 853-4336
Family Court: (631) 853-4343
Children's Law Bureau: (631) 439-2450
Riverhead Office: (631) 852-1650

Assigned Counsel through County Law 18-B
Assigned Counsel Defender Plan of Suffolk County

Nassau/Suffolk Law Services
Nassau/Suffolk Law Services Committee Inc. or "Law Services" is a non-profit, community based poverty law program which provides legal assistance in civil (non-criminal) matters to low-income people throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties in New York State.

Senior Citizens Law Program at Touro Law Center Program
Free legal services provided to qualified Suffolk County Residents 60 years or older, including Landlord/Tenant, Senior, Subsidized & Section 8, Town Code Violations/Taxes
(631) 761-7470
225 Eastview Drive, Central Islip, NY 11722
Fax 631-761-7089 •

Women's Law Initiative - NY
For victims of domestic violence. How to get a restraining order, statutes, and domestic-violence resources.

New York State Defenders Association

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