Does the Court Have Your Current Address?

If you are a defendant in a criminal, traffic, or town ordinance matter, the court is required to collect your contact information and to send you reminders for you court dates. Use the UCS-517 form given to you in court or use the Court Date Reminder Information form to update your contact information. You may ask to receive notifications by mail, or text, or email, or voice reminder. You can choose only one. You can track your case on eCourts WebCriminal at

If you are a litigant in a small claim, L&T, or civil action, you may be notified by mail of adjournments or schedule changes of your case, or motion or trial decisions.

Notify the court of your new address if your address changes.Go to the Court Clerk's office and ask to fill out a CHANGE OF ADDRESS NOTICE (DC-324). Have your case number, your index or docket number so the right cases are updated. You may mail the form to the Court Clerk where your case is filed.