Library Resources for the Public Program (LRPP)

Providing Help for the Public & Self Represented

How We Can Serve You:

The Library Resources for the Public Program is available to provide free, general information about court procedures. The program can provide you with information on which court may hear your case, the usual steps taken in your type of case, and sample court forms. Located inside the Supreme Court Law Library, in both Central Islip and Riverhead, the public has access to computers, the Internet and printers. Library personnel can provide legal resources for researching your case.

The Library Resources for the Public Program is currently a walk-in service, however, appointments are preferred and may be scheduled by calling the appropriate offices listed below.

The Library Resources for the Public Program:

• CAN help you with procedural steps
• CAN assist you with legal research
• CAN provide resources for your research
• CAN provide sample court forms
• CAN advise you as to where you may go to apply for free legal services
• CAN refer you to other free and local organizations who may be able to assist you

It is important to note that this program is run by the court system. The courts and those working for the courts are neutral parties and can never take sides in any case or potential case. Therefore, the Library Resources for the Public Program:

• CANNOT give you legal advice on a case
• CANNOT tell you if you should file a case, or what you should do in your case
• CANNOT tell you what to say in court documents or in court proceedings
• CANNOT tell you what the probability is of you winning or losing your case
• CANNOT fill out court forms for you
• CANNOT recommend an attorney

Many of the forms available at the Library Resources for the Public Program are available online at NYCourtsGov

PLEASE BE AWARE, if you are currently involved in litigation or are looking to begin a lawsuit, it is highly recommended that you HIRE A LAWYER. Attorneys can provide personalized legal assistance tailored to the needs of your specific set of facts and circumstances. The Library Resources for the Public Program should not and cannot replace the services of an attorney. The Program also cannot offer the legal protection of confidentiality that is recognized between an attorney and a client.

IF YOU CURRENTLY HAVE AN ATTORNEY the Library Resources for the Public Program cannot assist you, even if you are considering leaving your lawyer. All questions regarding your case should be directed to your attorney while you are being represented. You may, however, have access to the Library computers, printers, and research materials.


Library Resources for the Public Program/Self Help Locations:

Supreme Court Law Library
John P. Cohalan Jr. Courthouse
400 Carleton Avenue, 4th Floor
Central Islip, NY 11722

Walk in only.
Supreme Court Law Library
Arthur M. Cromarty Court Complex
220 Center Drive, 1st Floor
Riverhead, NY 11901

Walk in only.