Domestic Violence Court

Mission Statement

This Court, which has misdemeanor and limited felony jurisdiction, is located in the District Court. This Court seeks to increase the accountability of defendants, to enhance victim safety and to provide increased information sharing. The goal of this Court is to improve the administration of justice in domestic violence cases by providing:

Immediacy: The Court's response to domestic violence will be immediate, certain, and consistent. It will include punishment, batterers' intervention and substance abuse treatment.

Safety: The Court seeks to enhance victim safety by providing information to victims on social services and available housing. Up-to-date case status will be provided to the victims.

Accountability: The Court seeks to provide intensive scrutiny of the defendant's compliance with court orders, enabling swift action by the Court when dealing with violators.

Supervision: The one presiding judge will have full knowledge of the history of each case, therefore, enabling defendant's to be held accountable for their actions while a case is pending.

Coordination: The presence of one presiding judge and resource coordinator will lead to increased sharing of case information between the District Court, Family Court, law enforcement, social services and criminal justice agencies.

Hon. James A. McDonaugh, Presiding Judge
Hon. Karen Wilutis, Presiding Judge
Leslie D. McLoughlin, Resource Coordinator
Lisa V. Torres, Resource Coordinator

A Guide Containing Options & Resources on Confronting Family Violence
Developed by the County Executive's Task Force on Family Violence