Office of the Statewide Coordinating Judge for Matrimonial Cases

Effective Feb. 15, 2019: Joint Order of the Appellate Divisions: New Revised Form of Statement of Client’s Rights and Responsibilities in Matrimonial Cases

The Office of the Hon. Jeffrey S. Sunshine, Statewide Coordinating Judge for Matrimonial Cases, which maintains the Divorce Resources website, works together with administrative judges and judges who sit in matrimonial parts to develop protocols and best practice models to expedite the processing of contested cases, revise and streamline the uncontested divorce process, work to promote and expand mediation in divorce actions, act as a liaison between the court system and the matrimonial bar, promote e-filing in matrimonial cases and work with the Judicial Institute on matrimonial judicial education programs.

Judge Sunshine is also Chair of the Matrimonial Practice Advisory and Rules Committee which is one of the standing advisory committees established by the Chief Administrative Judge pursuant to section 212(1) (q) of the Judiciary Law, consisting of judges and attorneys from around the State. The Committee annually recommends to the Chief Administrative proposals on legislation, rules and forms in the field of matrimonial law.

For the most recent recommendations of the Committee to the Chief Administrative Judge, see the Committee’s Annual Report to the Chief Administrative Judge available at