Maintenance & Child Support Tools *


Worksheets to calculate guideline amounts of maintenance and child support. Optional tools to help with calculations are below.

Uncontested Divorce Worksheets (Part of Uncontested Divorce Packets)

Form UD-8(1) Annual Income Worksheet

Form UD-8(2) Maintenance Guidelines Worksheet

Form UD-8(3) Child Support Worksheet

Contested Divorce Worksheets

Temporary Maintenance Worksheet (for divorces started on or after 10/25/15)

Post-Divorce Maintenance/Child Support Worksheet



Calculator tools to help complete Maintenance/Child Support Worksheets above.

Post-Divorce Maintenance/Child Support

Note: These Calculators have been newly revised to provide additional options.  You can now calculate child support with guideline maintenance, zero maintenance, or with a different amount of maintenance agreed to by the parties.

Online Calculator – See Instructions

  • Complete using a web browser – no software required
  • Recommended browser is Internet Explorer
  • Easily cleared to start over
  • Work cannot be saved

Excel Calculator – See Instructions

  • Needs Microsoft Excel software – download file to computer
  • Can save file for later use
  • Prints nicely 

Temporary Maintenance Calculator

  • Fillable PDF form (Free Adobe Reader Download) 
  • Printable
  • Work cannot be saved
  • This calculator should be used with Adobe Reader rather than Foxit.


*Note: for the latest adjustments in maintenance and child support income caps, see What's New in Matrimonial Legislation, Court Rules and Forms