The following is a list of fees that must be paid in Supreme Court actions and certain other fees payable to the County Clerk of New York County. 

These fees must be paid to the County Clerk in one of his two Cashier's Offices (Room 160 and Room 141B in the basement, both at 60 Centre Street).

The fees must be paid in cash, by Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit cards, by an attorney's check made payable to the New York County Clerk, or in the form of a U.S. postal money order made payable to the New York County Clerk.

An attorney's check will be accepted if it is from a New York attorney, provided that words such as "Attorney at Law" or "Esq." appear thereon, together with the attorney's address and phone number.

Other checks must be certified.

Fees in cases in the court's electronic filing system are paid by credit card on-line.


Index Number $ 210
Index Number (RPAPL Art. 13 Foreclosure) $ 400
Request for Judicial Intervention  $ 95
Note of Issue (no prior RJI)  $125
Note of Issue (prior RJI paid for) $ 30
Calendar Number, Uncontested Matrimonial $125
Jury Demand $ 65
Filing of a Motion $ 45
Filing of a Cross-Motion $ 45
Filing of a Stipulation of Settlement $ 35
Filing of a Stipulation of Discontinuance $ 35
Supreme Court Actions, Certified Copy $ 8
Notice of Appeal $ 65


Building Loan Agreement $ 50
Notice of Pendency (lis pendens) $ 35
Notary Commission - Renewal $ 60
Certificate of Official Character (Filing)  $ 10
Certificate of Official Character (Issuance)  $ 5
Authentication of Notary's Signature  $ 3
Mechanic's Lien $ 30
Transcript of Judgment (Filing) $ 25
Transcript of Judgment (Issuance) $ 15
Certificate of Exemplification $ 25
Business Records, Certified Copy $ 10
Wage Assignments $ 10
Affidavit of Service for Mechanic's Liens $ 5