Litigation Coordinating Panel

illustration of courthouse Welcome to the web site of the Litigation Coordinating Panel of the Unified Court System of the State of New York. The Panel receives and resolves applications for the coordination of litigation that is pending in more than one judicial district of the State. The coordination of multiple lawsuits from a variety of venues in a single judicial district before a single Coordinating Justice can facilitate the consistent, efficient resolution of many cases. Coordination pursuant to an order of the Panel is for pre-trial proceedings only to include the adjudication of summary judgment and dispositive motions. Cases that are ready for trial are returnable to the counties where they were originally filed at the option of each individual plaintiff or may be tried in the judicial district where the Coordinating Justice presides unless the parties stipulate otherwise.

As appropriate under the circumstances, the Panel may at their discretion hear oral argument on applications.

It is the hope of the Panel that users will find this website informative and helpful.


Hon. Denise A. Hartman
Presiding Justice