Court Reporters

Senior Court Reporters are responsible for verbatim recording and transcribing of testimony in court.

Senior Court Reporters record proceedings upon request of a Part, Judicial Hearing Officer or Court Attorney-Referee. Due to staff shortages, Court Reporters may not be able routinely to cover arguments on motions and may not always be immediately available if a record has to be made in a Part on a non-trial day.

Parties obtain copies of transcripts by contacting the Reporter in the Part or the main Court Reporters' Office (646-386-3050).The address of the Office is:

Court Reporters Office
New York County Courthouse
60 Centre Street, Room 420
New York, NY 10007

Principal Court Reporter
Michael Barfield

Deputy Principal Court Reporter
Carolyn Barna

For information on technologically advanced capabilities offered by the Court Reporters, see Courthouse Technology. Reporters rotate among the Parts according to a schedule.