Facilities & Directions


The work of the Supreme Court, Civil Branch, New York County is carried on in several facilities. 

1)  The court’s principal facility is the New York County Courthouse, located at 60 Centre Street in Manhattan, on Foley Square just north of the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge.  Many courtrooms and Chambers of Justices are located in this courthouse, together with the court’s back offices and the office of the County Clerk of New York County. The most recent of the court's files in hard copy cases (most new cases are e-filed), which are maintained by the County Clerk, are located here. 

2) The Chambers of some Justices and courtrooms are located at 80 Centre Street, just across Worth Street from the New York County Courthouse.

3) The Chambers of some Justices and courtrooms are located at 111 Centre Street.

4) The Chambers of some Justices and courtrooms are located at 71 Thomas Street, which is located west of Church Street at the intersection with West Broadway.

5) Jury Assembly Rooms are at 60 and 111 Centre Street and 71 Thomas Street.  Jurors should report to the Assembly Room noted on their summons.

6) Court files in older hard-copy cases are maintained by the County Clerk at 31 Chambers Street, 7th Floor. Other files are maintained elsewhere, including in digital format. For information on court records, visit Supreme court Records On-Line Library, or SCROLL.



The court is located in four facilities on or near Foley Square in lower Manhattan. Foley Square is situated approximately two blocks north of the entrance ramp to the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Our facilities can be reached easily by public transportation:


On the East side of Manhattan, take the Lexington Avenue line (Nos. 4, 5, 6) and get off at "BROOKLYN BRIDGE/CITY HALL". 

On the West side, take the IRT Broadway line (Nos. 1, 2, 3, 9) and get off at "CHAMBERS STREET"; then walk four blocks east to Centre Street and turn left into Foley Square to reach the Centre Street facilities. To reach 71 Thomas Street, walk north from Chambers Street on Church Street and turn left on Thomas Street and proceed to the corner of West Broadway.


Take the M 101 or the M 102 down Lexington Avenue to City Hall, or the M 15 down Second Avenue, or the M 5 to Broadway and Thomas Street.