Biography of Justice Lisa A. Sokoloff

Justice Sokoloff

Justice Sokoloff was elected to the New York County Civil Court in 2012.  She was assigned to Criminal Court for her first three years on the bench, where she was the Part F (felony waiver) judge and also back-up judge in Midtown Manhattan Court.  Her first year in Civil, she was the consumer debt/personal appearance part judge.  In 2017, she was appointed a Hybrid Justice and took on Weekend Criminal Court Arraignments and Uncontested Matrimonials, in addition to the Civil Court rotation.  Then in June of 2017, she was appointed an Acting Supreme Court Justice and is now assigned to a Guardianship Part. Her Part rules will be posted online.

Before being elected to the bench, Lisa A. Sokoloff practiced law for 28 years, all but one of them in New York City.  She was primarily a personal injury litigator, but also practiced in the areas of matrimonial/family law, trusts and estate, and commercial law.  For more than one-third of her career, she was an appellate lawyer, and regularly argued in the First and Second Departments. For eleven years, she was also a volunteer special master to Justices Lowe and Braun in New York Supreme Court. 

Justice Sokoloff is currently a member of the New York Supreme Court gender fairness committee and a former co-chair of the gender fairness committees of the Manhattan Civil and Criminal Courts.