Marriage Licenses (Authentication/Apostille)

New York City Marriage License

To obtain a marriage license in New York City (to marry in NYC), a person should go to the City Clerk of the City of New York on the first floor at 80 Centre Street in Manhattan, which is located on Foley Square in lower Manhattan, near the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge and near City Hall Park. On the Lexington Avenue subway line, one would get off at "Brooklyn Bridge" on the express.

If the marriage license needs to be "authenticated" and subsequently needs to have an "apostille" placed on it, which may be required for use of the license as proof in some foreign countries, the applicant would go to the City Clerk at 80 Centre Street and obtain the marriage license. While before the City Clerk, the applicant must ASK THAT IT BE SIGNED IN INK.

Then, the applicant would bring the license so signed to the County Clerk of New York County for authentication, which is a process whereby the County Clerk authenticates as true a document signed by a government official, here the City Clerk. The proper place to go to have the County Clerk authenticate the ink-signed license is the County Clerk's Office in Room 141B in the basement of 60 Centre Street, which is the New York County Courthouse, located on Foley Square just across Worth Street from 80 Centre Street.

Once the County Clerk has authenticated the license, if an apostille is needed, the applicant would have to go to the Secretary of State of the State of New York at 123 Williams Street in Manhattan, a few blocks south of Foley Square, within walking distance, to obtain an apostille on the authenticated license.

Official Verification of Name (Apostille/Certification of Authentication)