Certified Copies

A certified copy of a judgment of divorce that was issued by a Justice of the Supreme Court in New York County may be obtained by requesting the case file from the Record Room (Room 103B, in the basement), 60 Centre Street, making a photocopy of the judgment in that Room, and having it certified at the Certification Desk in Room 141B (in the basement).  Case files in matrimonial matters are, by statute, confidential and are available only to the parties to the proceeding or their attorneys, upon showing of proper identification. If your judgment of divorce was issued in another county, you can secure a copy of that judgment only in that other county.  Certified copies of New York County judgments of divorce entered after March 15, 1999 may be obtained by going directly to the Certification Desk in Room 141B, which can access such judgments electronically.

Certified copies of other litigation papers may be obtained by following the  procedure outlined in the first sentence of the preceding paragraph. For certified copies in electronically-filed cases, however, a member of the County Clerk's staff should be contacted.

The fee for certification of a copy of a judgment of divorce or other document is $ 8.00 cash.

Instructions For Obtaining A Certified Copy Of A Document