E-Courts Instructions

You are advised to check the status of your case on-line at: www.nycourts.gov

Click on: E-Courts
Click on: Web Civil Supreme - follow the instructions then click the Submit button.
Click on: Index Search - enter your case’s index number and county where indicated.
Click on: Find Case(s) - your case information will be displayed.
Click on: Appearance Date - this will open a dialogue box.
Click on: Show All Appearances - all appearances for this action will be displayed.

If upon review by the judge your papers are found to require corrections, you will be notified by chambers through the mail; however, there will be no indication on the website if corrections are needed to your papers. There is no need to call the Matrimonial Office to check the status of your case as E-Courts is continuously updated- we will see exactly what you see on the screen and cannot get further information on your case as the judge has your papers.

If your judgment has been signed, the case will be marked “Disposed” and you will see a “JS/Date” marking ( “Judgment Signed/Date Signed”) under the column marked “Comments”. You may obtain a copy of your signed judgment from the Queens County Clerks Office, Room 106. Copies will usually become available approximately 2-3 weeks after the judgment was signed. You are advised to call the County Clerks Office at (718) 298-0616 to make sure that the judgment has been entered by them before coming to the courthouse to pick it up.

If your case is marked “Dismissed”, that indicates the papers were found to be defective and were not signed by the judge. You may call the County Clerk’s Office at the above-mentioned phone number to see when you can procure a copy of the dismissal order for further clarification.

Very Important!

The status of your divorce application will not appear on the website until the case has been assigned to a judge.

Again, do not call the Matrimonial Office asking for an approximate date for the assignment as we do not have that information available to us and you will only be instructed to re-visit the website.