Post-Written Examination Screening Process

Physical Ability Test

Candidates are required to pass a Physical Ability Test battery which consists of four tests: (1) Push-Ups, (2) Illinois Agility Run, (3) Sit-Ups, and (4) Beep Test. These tests assess the candidates' ability to perform the essential job tasks and meet the fitness requirements in the Court Officers Academy. The test is physically demanding and candidates must train to be successful. The links below contain information about the Physical Ability Test and how to prepare for the test (Physical Ability Preparation Guide).

View the entire Physical Ability Test

NYS Unified Court System Candidate Physical Preparation Guide

Physical Ability Test - Points Table

The Office of Court Administration reserves the right to modify the Physical Ability Test at any time during the duration of the eligible list.


In order to participate in the Physical Ability Test, candidates must bring a completed Medical Release Form.  The form must be signed by a medical professional (duly certified physician, nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant) who has personally examined the candidate and reviewed the candidate’s ability to participate in the entire test battery. Candidates who appear without the completed Medical Release Form WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE.

Medical Release Form for the Physical Ability Test


Phase 1: Physical Ability Test > Vision Test > Fingerprints

Phase 2: Written Psychological Tests > Background Investigation

Phase 3: Psychological Interview > Evaluation Board

Phase 4: Pre-Appointment Medical Exam > Appointment to Academy



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