Post-Written Examination Screening Process


Candidates who are successful on the written examination will be notified in order of their rank number on the eligible list when to begin the screening process. Rank numbers are determined by final test scores. Candidates will be given a conditional appointment and a date to report for Phase I screening when/if their rank is reached for the region selected on the Availability Form. Candidates must successfully complete each step in the selection process before proceeding to the next step. 

The written examination for Court Officer-Trainee is not currently being offered.

Check the NYS Unified Court System website for information about other tests and positions in the NYS Unified Court System.


Phase 1: Physical Ability Test > Vision Test > Fingerprints

Phase 2: Written Psychological Tests > Background Investigation

Phase 3: Psychological Interview > Evaluation Board

Phase 4: Pre-Appointment Medical Exam > Appointment to Academy