Statewide Stakeholders Annual Meeting

The Permanent Commission convenes an annual Statewide Stakeholders Meeting to bring together a diverse array of stakeholders to share knowledge, proven strategies and best practices for developing local access-to-justice initiatives.

The first Statewide Stakeholders Meeting was convened in 2017 to gather input for a strategic action plan that would help move New York closer to its goal of ensuring effective assistance for all low-income New Yorkers in need of legal services. Since that meeting, significant progress has been made throughout the State, primarily through the work of local Access to Justice Committees that were formed in all judicial districts outside New York City following the 2018 Stakeholders Meeting. The annual meetings have fueled those efforts by providing a forum for collaboration and learning.

The 2024 Statewide Stakeholders Meeting will be held virtually on June 14, 2024. If you would like information on attending, send an email to [email protected]


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