Statewide Stakeholders Meeting 2019

The Permanent Commission convened its third annual Statewide Stakeholders Meeting on October 28, 2019, at the State Bar Center in Albany. The Stakeholders Meeting brought together members of the local access to justice committees, along with other stakeholders, to share knowledge, strategies and best practices for further developing local access-to-justice plans.

Following opening remarks, each of the Administrative Judges made presentations on the efforts underway in their respective districts. The judges also discussed common challenges, including the public’s lack of knowledge and understanding about the law and the courts. A lunchtime presentation focused on guidance documents prepared by the Permanent Commission to assist stakeholders with their local planning and implementation efforts. In the afternoon breakout sessions, participants had the opportunity to interact with other stakeholders on a topic of greatest relevance to their local efforts.

Meeting Agenda and Participants List

Meeting Materials: