Justice for All - Strategic Action Plan

As part of the court system's efforts to improve access to justice, in 2017, the Permanent Commission on Access to Justice led a strategic planning process, designed to help low- and moderate-income New Yorkers access effective assistance when faced with legal challenges involving the essentials of life (housing, family matters, access to healthcare, education and subsistence income).  This effort was funded through a Justice for All Project grant from the Public Welfare Foundation, which was administered by the National Center for State Courts.

The strategic planning process focused on gathering input from a broad range of stakeholders about the unmet needs of their communities and seeking recommendations for addressing those needs. This feedback, along with research and assessment of demographics and existing services and resources, guided the Permanent Commission in developing a Strategic Action Plan that combines statewide access to justice improvements and local community organizing and initiative development to help ensure effective assistance to 100% of New Yorkers in need.

Implementation of the Strategic Action Plan began in 2018. The Permanent Commission welcomes feedback and participation from stakeholders statewide in the implementation efforts.