Statewide Stakeholder Meeting - Sept. 27, 2017

Welcome to the participants of the Statewide Stakeholder Meeting. We appreciate your involvement and look forward to thoughtful and productive discussions throughout the day. Below is information we hope is helpful to access the meeting remotely.

As you are aware, New York is one of seven states awarded a grant to undertake a strategic action planning process designed to help low- and moderate-income New Yorkers access effective assistance when faced with legal challenges involving the essentials of life (housing, family matters, access to healthcare, education and subsistence income).

The Permanent Commission began the strategic planning process earlier this year by soliciting input from stakeholders in representative regions of the State about the unmet needs in their communities. Using this feedback and additional research and analysis, the Permanent Commission has been working on a framework for a statewide strategic action plan utilizing a combination of statewide access to justice improvements and local community planning and organization.

The purpose of the stakeholder meeting is to gatter input from additional stakeholders whose knowledge and expertise will guide us in building upon the framework to create a plan that will help ensure effective assistance to 100% of those in need of legal services.


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