WebCivil - Suffolk County District Court

Case Information and dates available online at WebCivil Local

Pending cases may be found at WebCivil Local. Find a case by index number, party name, attorney, or judge , or calendar information by court, judge and part.

L&T cases should be on WebCivil Local until 14 days past the final court appearance.
Search by index number. The case index number consists of four (4) parameters: 

a) Prefix listing the abbreviation for the case type, 
b) Case Number, 
c) Last two digits of the year the case was filed, and 
d) Suffix listing the abbreviation for the outlying district court where the case will be heard

"•• - ###### - YY/•• "

••prefixes CC CV LT or SC
CC- Commercial Claim
LT- Landlord Tenant
SC - Small Claims

••suffix BA BR CE HU IS or SM
BA- Suffolk County 2nd District Court located in Babylon
BR- Suffolk County 6th District Court located Brookhaven 
CE- Suffolk County 1st District Court located in Islip
HU- Suffolk County 3rd District located in Huntington 
IS- Suffolk County 5th District Court located in Islip
SM- Suffolk County 4th District Court located in Smithtown

An example of an index number for a Landlord Tenant case located in the 6th District Court in Brookhaven and filed in 2021 would be LT-123456 - 21/BR