The NYS Courts Access to Justice Program is responsible for CourtHelp, the New York State court system's website for unrepresented litigants. CourtHelp ( is designed to provide easy to understand legal and procedural information and instructions to assist the ever increasing numbers of litigants who come to court without a lawyer. CourtHelp was first launched in 2003, and underwent a major redesign in 2014.

CourtHelp is the main portal for the DIY Form programs, as well as a place to find topical legal information, court forms, general court system information, and helpful links. CourtHelp’s design and features facilitate the delivery of information to the public in a visually appealing and simple to understand “plain language” format.


CourtHelp Highlights

Features and Highlights of the CourtHelp website include:

  • Information sections on court case basics and legal topics where unrepresented litigants have the most questions. This includes money problems, foreclosures, family, housing and appeals;
  • Icons to the Access to Justice Program’s Twitter, YouTube and DIY Form pages;
  • Helpful quick links on every page, including Find a Lawyer, Help Centers, a complete plain-language glossary and a link to LawHelp ( where litigants can find legal advice;
  • A court locator box on every page allowing users to find their court’s address, phone number and website;
  • Additional ways to look for information on every page, including a search button and Topics A-Z index;
  • Mobile-device friendly since studies show that each year more and more litigants own a mobile device and use it as their primary access to the internet; and
  • Related information boxes on the bottom of topical pages containing tailored links that direct a litigant to other pages on similar topics.
  • LiveChat available on some pages.


CourtHelp Promotion

Feel free to print and post a CourtHelp flyer to inform people about this important resource:
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