Public Librarians' Program

The NYS Courts Access to Justice Program has developed a Public Librarians' Program, entitled, "Opening Courthouse Doors." Since public libraries and librarians are often the first place the public turns to for information regarding legal matters, the Courts and Community Center conducts librarian training throughout New York State to educate librarians about the access to justice resources which can be shared with public patrons.



Librarians' Portfolio 

The Courts and Community Center has created Librarian Portfolios, tailored to each judicial district. The portfolios include the following information:

  • Guide to Court System References
  • Reference Guide for Common Questions
  • Criminal and Civil Court Structure
  • Criminal and Civil Court Structure
  • Careers in the Court System
  • Opportunities for Student Involvement
  • The Court System's CourtHelp website
  • DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Forms Program
  • Library Resources available to the public
  • Local Court Information and numerous online resources for each judicial district

The Librarians' Portfolios are available online for librarians to download in the Public Education About the Courts section of the New York State Courts Access to Justice Program's Publication page.


Request Information 

If you are a New York State Public Librarian and have questions about our resources, or would like to request materials, or discuss a possible training session, please call 646-386-3200 or email [email protected].