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On May 1st, the United States observes Law Day to celebrate our legal system and the freedoms we enjoy. 

The Office for Justice Initiatives’ Division of Access to Justice sponsors Law Day events to create awareness about resources available to court users and promote civics engagement. These annual events are celebrated throughout the state. In past years, OJI has partnered with government and social service agencies to make resource tables and written material available to educate the public.

This year, the Division of Access to Justice and the Historical Society of the New York Courts, joined together to invite high school students to participate in an art contest and share their creative interpretation of this year’s theme Cornerstones of Democracy: Civics, Civility and Collaboration.

Past Law Day event participants have included: Safe Horizons, Rent Stabilization Association, Department of the Aging, New York City Bar Association - Legal Referral Service, New York State Court Officers Association, and the Association of Small Claims Arbitrators.

Organizations interested in participating in future Law Day events may call 646-386-3200 or email


Law Day 2023 art contest winners announced!

The winners of the 2023 Law Day Art Contest are Liane Jackson, Molly Giordano and Chanely Herrera. Congratulations! Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners courtesy of the Historical Society of the New York Courts


First Prize, “The Threads of Our Nation” by Liane Jackson

Artist’s description: Three individuals meant to represent each of the three cornerstones of democracy work in unison to form the Star-Spangled Banner. It is incomplete to show the work still being done to improve an ever-evolving nation as efficient progress is made by working together. Purple, as used for the person at the top of the piece, represents the citizenship associated with Civics. Pink is the sense of politeness that comes with Civility. Finally, yellow, the ideal color for modern workspaces as it encourages teamwork and optimism, is used for Collaboration. 


First Prize Winner Liane Jackson, The Threads of Our Nation


Second Prize, “Unity” by Molly Giordano

Artist’s description: While creating this piece I was inspired to express how we as citizens are unified through democracy. As well as the three branches of government, the three cornerstones of democracy are also very important. Civics is the study of our rights as citizens, Civility is politeness, and courtesy in behavior, and Collaboration is the action of working together. These cornerstones help unify our people and improve our daily lives. In the piece I created I showed the capitol building with three pillars and each one represents a different cornerstone.


Second Prize Winner Molly Giordano, Unity


Third Prize, “We Work Together as One” by Chanely Herrera

Artist’s description: Everyone should work together to complete an assignment faster. When we work together, we create more bright and wonderful memories together.


Third Prize Winner Chanely Herrera, "We Work Together as One"


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