Richmond County Supreme Court ADR Program

ADRMediation is a confidential dispute resolution process in which a neutral third party - the mediator helps parties identify issues, clarify perceptions and explore options for a mutually acceptable outcome. In this process, parties have an opportunity to communicate with each other, focus on what is important to them, and to come up with individually-tailored solutions.

Mediation often involves non-legal as well as legal issues. Parties are strongly encouraged to participate in mediation with their own attorneys. Parties may also choose to attend sessions without counsel, if all participants agree. Although the mediation process can, and often does, result in an agreement, whether to reach an agreement, and on what terms, is up to the parties themselves.

All Richmond County Mediators have consented to providing the first 90 minutes of mediation free of charge to the parties. The rate of the Mediator is agreed upon prior to the commencement of the mediation and will only be triggered if the parties choose to continue the mediation past the first 90 minutes.




Judicial Referrals can be made through Judicial Referral to ADR


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