Richmond County Supreme Court ADR Program - Mediator

Mediators are an integral part of the ADR Mediation Program. The Court understands and appreciates the valuable time given by mediators as part of this program. Please know that your feedback is important and appreciated throughout all steps of the mediation process.

Once a case is initiated through the ADR program, a mediator will be notified by the ADR Coordinator if he/she has been designated as the mediator on the case. Thereafter, a conflict check is to be conducted and if cleared, the ADR Coordinator will send all pertinent information to the Mediator via email. The information provided will include caption, index number, case synopsis, Mediation Guidelines, and a Referral Order if applicable.

The Mediator is to notify the ADR Coordinator of all dates association with the designated case, like pre-mediation meetings, first mediation date, etc.


Richmond County ADR Program Information and Forms

Disclosure Concerning Continuation of Mediation

Mediator Checklist

Mediation Fee Agreement

Mediation Program Agreement to Mediate

Mediator Report (required)

Mediator Self-Assessment (recommended)

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