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Start Mediation through the ADR Program

There are two sources of referrals to the Richmond County ADR Program. Whether it will be through the Judicial Referral or through voluntarily opting in, the Plaintiff/Petitioner will need to complete the Mediation Initiation Form. If the parties are voluntarily opting into the program, completing the Mediation Initiation Form will start the process.

To opt-into the Court’s Mediation program:

  1. Have consent from all participants
  2. Agree on a mediator (optional)
  3. Complete the Mediation Initiation Form. (to be completed by Plaintiff/Petitioner only on behalf of parties unless agreed to otherwise)
  4. Complete the Mediation Program Agreement to Mediate and email to [email protected]
  5. Complete the Post Mediation Survey at the conclusion of your mediation.

Contact Irini Bekhit, Esq. at [email protected] if you have any questions

Find a Mediator for a Pending Matter:

By voluntarily opting into the Richmond County ADR program, both sides, on consent, have the option of choosing the Mediator on their case. A qualified Richmond County Mediator can be found on our Mediator Profiles or on the Statewide Mediator Directory | NYCOURTS.GOV. Attorneys/Litigants can also opt into having the ADR Coordinator designate the most qualified Mediator based on their type of case.

All Mediators will perform a conflict check before accepting to mediating a matter

Become a Mediator

The NYS-UCS relies on a variety of ADR neutral types to assist the court in resolving the many cases and disputes it sees each year. This includes: Mediators, Arbitrators, and others. These conflict resolution professionals provide an important service to the court system and the thousands of New Yorkers who entrust their case to these neutrals.

Consider becoming a mediator to not only join the court roster of qualified mediators, but to also gain valuable experience which can be of assistance in daily life.

Become a Mediator/ADR Neutral | NYCOURTS.GOV
Application to Mediate for New York State Trial Courts | NYCOURTS.GOV

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation offers the following benefits:

  1. Involves parties actively in resolving their own issues;
  2. Improves parties’ satisfaction with the process;
  3. Speeds settlements;
  4. Reduces stress;
  5. Saves money;
  6. Improves communicatation
  7. Improves relationships; and
  8. Increases compliance with agreements

Richmond County ADR Program Information and Forms

Mediation Guidelines

Mediation Initiation Form

Mediation Litigant/Counsel Checklist

Mediator Profiles

Mediation Program Agreement to Mediate

Post Mediation Survey

Statewide Mediator Directory

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