Resume Tips and Best Practices

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General Resume DOs and DON'Ts

  • Tailor your summary to include elements of the job description for the position. Tailor your resume for each specific job.
  • Focus on specific results of your work, significant achievements and recognition received.
  • Remember that: Less, is More! Keep your resume to one page if you do not have more than 5 years of relevant work experience.
  • Include key words from the job posting in your resume.
  • Make it easy for others to read your resume quickly to view job-relevant information. Pictures may distract from your message.
  • Simple format to make it easy to read – simple font – name and contact information on top.
  • Use valuable space for information that is job-relevant.
    Keep the resume visually simple; leave space.
  • Use professional email address (e.g.,
  • Use detailed, specific language that demonstrates your achievements (e.g., decreased turnaround time of process from 10 days to 1 day).
  • Proofread the resume – have someone review it.


  • Use the same resume for multiple job applications.
  • Include personal information such as your marital status, your nationality, religious beliefs.
  • Use valuable space for information that the employer may not use, focus on job-relevant information.
  • Write too much text.
  • Use unprofessional email address (e.g.,
  • Outdated, unreadable or overly fancy fonts.
  • Too many buzzwords or keywords that are out of context (e.g., “strategic thinker”).
  • Use vague language (e.g., “few”).

Final Check List

Before submitting your resume, did you remember to?
  1. Tailor your resume to the job?
  2. Include your name and contact information on the top of the resume?
  3. Can an employer understand the main sections of your resume in less than 10 seconds?
  4. Did you write your resume for each specific position by including the key skills and experiences the employer wants?
  5. Is the information listed in order of importance and relevance to the requirements listed in the job description?
  6. Do most phrases begin with an action verb, such as “conducted,” “implemented,” “increased,” etc.?
  7. Have you been accurate and truthful about your accomplishments rather than being too modest or exaggerating?
  8. Did you double check the spelling of every word and made sure the grammar and punctuation are correct?

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