Discovery Part Rules

Judge Lawrence Knipel Presiding


Part Rules


The Kings County Administrative Judge is presently presiding over all of the Kings County Discovery Parts.  All inquiries (including calendar, clerk marking inquires, processing of orders) must be directed to the respective part clerk.

PC/Intake: (347) 296-1592
Compliance Conference Part (CCP): (347) 296-1626
Final Conference Part (FCP): (347) 401-9054
City/TA Discovery (CDP): (347) 401-9264

Until further notice, there are no physical appearances in the Kings County Discovery Parts.

Preliminary conference orders are being generated and issued by the Court. The signed and entered orders will be uploaded to e-file/county clerk minutes.  

CCP OSC/motions, not otherwise previously resolved on consent, shall be decided, on submission (no oral arguments), by the Administrative Judge on the scheduled return date.

STRONGLY RECOMMENDED: E-file proposed CCP OSC/motions orders resolved on consent (or withdrawals) at least two days prior to your scheduled return date to avoid your CCP motion/OSC being submitted.  City/TA motions shall not be on submission.

All correctly submitted (E-file) consent orders shall be reviewed, signed, and processed ASAP. Parties may also submit (E-file) consent orders to amend prior discovery orders (if NOI or discovery dates have passed); vacate or extend NOI; or restore.  Use applicable court form and detail and include all outstanding discovery with proposed on or before certain dates.  

All parties that cannot submit a proposed order on consent, shall submit (E-file) a request for virtual conference form (for FCP/FDP and CDP scheduled appearances only) and wait to be notified.  

This court shall send notices, alerts, and schedule some virtual appearances via E-file and regular clerk systems.  Please ensure that your appearance alert system (elaw, ecourts, etc.) is working properly and is current and correct and that all of your E-file contact information (including email) is current and correct.

The New York State Unified Court System has adopted Microsoft Teams as the standard for internal and external videoconferencing calls, including virtual court hearings. 

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CCP Motion Order - FILLABLE

CCP Motion Order

Central Compliance Conference Order - FILLABLE

Central Compliance Conference Order

City TA Compliance Conference Order

City TA Motion Order

Discovery Stay Order due to death of a party, incapacity of a party, military service of a party or any other statutory reason

Final Conference Part Discovery Complete File Note of Issue

Note of Issue Final Conference Part Order - FILLABLE

Note of Issue Final Conference Part Order

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Virtual Conference Oral Arguments Request Form (ALL PARTIES ARE REPRESENTED BY COUNSEL)

Virtual Conference Oral Arguments Request (AT LEAST ONE PARTY IS PRO SE)