Attorney Secure Pass

Since October 22, 2001, attorneys entering any of the several facilities of the court have been required to pass through metal detectors. In April 2002, the court began to issue a form of Attorney Identification Card called, "Secure Pass." This card is technologically advanced and provides a high level of security. Attorneys carry a Secure Pass will not be required to pass through the metal detectors. By making this card available to the Bar, the court system will be able to maintain security while avoiding inconvenience to attorneys, many of whom enter the facilities of the court with great frequency.


Original Applications

The requirements for obtaining the Secure Pass are as follows:

Attorneys must complete a Secure Pass Application (UCS 334). Several copies of this form are required for administrative reasons. Thus, the form consists of three pages with carbon copy capability. It is not possible to post such a form on this website. Applicants must appear in person in the Security Operations Office located in Room 848B at 360 Adams Street or at other Unified Court System facilities to obtain one of these forms.

Section A of the form must be completed by the applicant using the name that appears on the Attorney Registration Record (the record reflecting biennial registration with the Office of Court Administration). The applicant must also list their Attorney Registration Number. Applicants may confirm the form in which their names are listed in the Registration Record and their Registration Numbers by consulting the Attorney Directory on the court system's website at:

The application form must be accompanied by two color passport photos. Photos must have a white or light solid background. Personal photographs or photos with colored or cluttered backgrounds will not be accepted.

All applicants must appear in person in the Security Operations Office located in Room 848B at 360 Adams Street (or other Unified Court System facility) to submit the application. At that time, the applicant must exhibit to court staff two forms of photo ID (valid passport, driver's license, other government-issued or employer-issued photo ID) to verify the applicant's identity.

The applicant must pay a nonrefundable fee of $50.00 at the time of application. Acceptable forms of payment are a $50.00 Payment - by check or money order (payable to NYS Office of Court Administration ) - or - credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express).

If the applicant is licensed to carry a firearm, a copy of the firearm permit must be attached to the application. If the applicant may carry a firearm because they are a police or peace officer, a copy of the employer ID indicating said status must be attached.

Upon submission of the above, the application will be processed by the Office of Court Administration. When the card is ready, it must be picked up by the applicant in person to where the original application was submitted (for example, if the application was submitted to the Security Operations Office at 360 Adams Street, it must be picked up at 360 Adams Street) and will be released only after verification of the requesting person's identity by means of a photo ID.

An attorney carrying their valid Secure Pass will, upon showing it to a Court Officer, be allowed to enter the facilities of the court without passing through the metal detectors. If the attorney forgets to bring the Pass, they will be required to go through the security post. Officers will not be able to accept an explanation that the attorney is the holder of a pass but simply forgot to bring it.


New: Online Renewals

Attorneys may renew their Secure Pass ID Card online starting July 1st. Further instructions and information can be found at

ID Cards will now remain valid for 5 years

Cost for ID Cards will increase to $50.00

Online renewals will use current photo on file

Online renewals will require only a single courthouse visit to pick-up the new ID Card and verify identity

Note: Attorneys applying for their first Secure Pass ID Card MUST continue to use the paper form and submit in person and pick-up in person.


Replacement of the Secure Pass

If a pass is lost or stolen, the holder may apply for a replacement by following the directions set out above and by attaching a copy of the police report indicating the loss or theft of the original card.

The Secure Pass may not be used by anyone other than the person named on the card nor by anyone who is not in good standing as a member of the Bar of the State of New York. A person who is no longer in good standing must surrender the card to the New York State Office of Court Administration. Misuse of the card may result in disciplinary penalties, as well as any other penalties authorized by law.

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