Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)



ADR Coordinator:
Kelechi Acholonu, Esq.



It is the policy of the Unified Court System to encourage the resolution of civil legal disputes by methods including mediation, arbitration, neutral evaluation, in-court settlement practices, and summary jury trials. All civil actions or proceedings heard in the Supreme Court, Court of Claims, County Court, Family Court, Surrogate’s Court, District Court, City Court, and New York City Civil Court shall be presumptively eligible for early referral to an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process unless otherwise excluded. Courts may refer parties to an ADR process at any time after an action has been commenced and are encouraged to do so at the earliest appropriate opportunity.

With over 22,000 new filings each year, Kings County Supreme Court, Civil Term is committed to finding less costly and innovative ways of resolving matters, and therefore offers the following specialized ADR programs: (1) matrimonial mediation program, (2) medical malpractice early settlement program, (3) early resolution blockbuster program, and (4) commercial mediation program. In addition to these specialized ADR programs, all mediation eligible cases are referred to the presumptive mediation program with private mediators to assist in reaching an early resolution of cases. Almost all contested matters are eligible for presumptive ADR at some point prior to trial.

You may also seek the services of a Community Dispute Resolution Center (CDRC), which offers free and low-cost mediation. There is a CDRC for every county in New York State. They can mediate court cases, as well as disputes that are not in court. Many CDRCs offer virtual mediation.

More information / Links to your local CDRC.

If you have a matter that is currently pending in Kings County Supreme Court, Civil Term that you would like considered for reference to ADR, or if you simply have a question concerning ADR in this Court, please contact the ADR Coordinator, Kelechi Acholonu, Esq. by email at

If you have questions specifically concerning the matrimonial mediation program, please contact Case Analyst Maria Mendoza, by email at



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